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Beats By Dre Black Friday 2013
Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Wireless Speaker (Red) | Beats by Dre

Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Wireless Speaker (Red) | Beats by Dre

$258.99 $209.95

  • Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (White) | Beats By Dre
  • Beats Pill 2.0 Wireless Speaker : Portable | Beats by Dre
  • Beats Pill By Dre Bluetooth Protable Speaker Nicki Pink
  • Beats By Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Blue CA5620
  • Beats By Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Orange LC5131

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Beats by Dre Wireless Speaker Sale

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  • Beats Solo is a real collaboration between Dr. Dre and acclaimed industrial designer Robert Brunner. Beats Solo are just the right travel companion. They are precision engineered to supply distortion-free bass and crisp highs that connects you deeper to any music. The lightweight design provides you with full-size comfort yet folds up for simple storage, a person with anytime, anywhere studio-quality sound.
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